Wedding Cake Tower of Cupcakes

As promised, here are some pictures of my sister’s wedding cake that my mom and I created with love for my sister.  Awwwww.

The small cake atop the tower: lemon cake with regular buttercream frosting.

Cupcake flavor 1: wedding white with almond buttercream frosting

Cupcake flavor 2: butter pecan with regular buttercream frosting

Cupcake flavor 3: strawberry with whipped cream frosting

Cupcake flavor 4: chocolate with mint buttercream

Cupcake flavor 5: German chocolate with chocolate buttercream

Cupcake flavor 6: spice cake with pumpkin buttercream

Decorating the top part of the cake

Decorating with help from the other bridesmaids

Close up of cupcakes

Proud of my cake!

Center stage on the dessert table

Side view of the cake


Sweet Deliciousness

As promised (though a little behind schedule), here are some photos of my recent cupcake adventures.

First stop was my chocolate cupcakes topped with mint buttercream and garnished with sugar pearls.  This batch was an order for a friend. And Sam found out this was his favorite flavor (thus far).

Of the remaining cupcakes from this batch, I gave 6 to my trainer for is birthday and the rest came with me to my desk.  I saw desk because these 6 didn’t make it to the kitchen before they had been devoured by co-workers.  These were garnished with cookie bits.

My friend who ordered the batch above inadvertently got me my first order by an unknown (as in a stranger to me).  She ordered a dozen for her granddaughter’s 10th birthday. She wanted light pink, raspberry flavored icing, and the sugar pearls.  This didn’t leave me a lot of room for creativity, but I managed to make them look beautiful! The rose topped cake is for the birthday girl.

Last Friday was the last day for a co-worker in our Florida office. To celebrate (his new move), I brought in spice cupcakes topped with a pumpkin buttercream (now Sam’s favorite cupcake).

And the winner is…

Caramel Sundae Cupcakes!

When I went to the grocery store to pick up my missing items for the cupcakes, I couldn’t find chocolate-covered cherries.  Apparently, grocery stores are not the place to go for this kind of candy.  Because it was already after 7:00 and I still needed to bake and decorate, I didn’t have time to go to a second store.  Therefore, I moved on to Plan B.  I decided to go with miniature special dark milky way candy instead.  Before I put the pans in the oven, I placed a mini chocolate candy in the center.

They baked up perfectly – just the right amount of puffy roundness. I ended up making two batches of frosting.  The first batch just didn’t seem to want to be a delicious, fluffy delicious treat.  So, I ended up tossing it and trying round two.  The second batch was DELICIOUS.  I made a traditional buttercream frosting with caramel topping as a flavoring agent.  Note: if you’re making this, you’ll need extra powdered sugar because the caramel sauce makes it thicker though less stiff.  For a little bit of extra decadence, I drizzled extra caramel on top of the frosting. Unfortunately, you can’t really tell in the photo because by the time I made it to the office, it had already sunk into the cake.  If you decide to make your own version of this, I recommend putting the drizzle on right before serving.

For my first official order, they turned out perfectly.  I overheard people in the hall as they passed discussing how good they were, and the birthday girl seemed really happy with the flavor.  She always has caramels on her desk, so it must have been meant to be that the grocery store didn’t have what I was looking for.

Best Cupcake Ever?

I have been asked to bake for a co-worker’s birthday tomorrow (and they’ll pay me!).  I’m thinking chocolate-covered cherry cupcakes this time.  Chocolate cake, filled with an actual chocolate-covered cherry, covered with cherry flavored frosting, and – of course – topped with a cherry!

I’m taking suggestions, however, for other flavors and/or combinations! I’ll post tomorrow and let you know what I decided to make.

Last Day of Work? Celebrate!

Today is a co-worker’s last day of work.  She was a temporary employee and found another full-time job that’s permanent.  Most people are planning on going out for a few drinks after work to celebrate with her.  I still might go, but since I can’t drink I decided to celebrate in another way – a sweeter way, if you will. What did I do? I made cupcakes, obviously!

I wanted to try the snickerdoodle cupcake recipe I saw on the show Unique Sweets.  It turned out alright, but next time I’d put more cinnamon in the batter, fill the cupcakes with something, and try it with the buttercream rather than the cream cheese/whipped cream frosting I made.  My favorite frosting right now is a stable whipped cream that’s made with the cream cheese so that it can be left out to the fridge during parties, etc. without the fear of melting.

Right out of the oven, they looked and smelled delicious!

This is the first time I’m using my new boxes and the pieces bought separately fit together perfectly! And, the box is much, much sturdier than the boxes you can buy in stores individually.

Of course, the box looked much better filled with tasty treats, naturally.

Cherry Coke Cupcake Treats

For some reason, cherry coke always reminds me of growing up. I’m not sure if it’s because the cherry flavored soda was seldom an option at home or if because I’ve been brainwashed by the media/commercials to see cherry coke as “vintage.” Either way, I love me some cherry coke.  For a few cakes in the past, I’ve used a coke recipe that called for regular soda and marshmallows.  When doing a quick search yesterday for unique cupcake flavors, I ran across a blog that has delicious looking photos of recipes that sound amazing.  What caught my eye was the recipe and beautiful photos for the cherry coke cupcakes.  Not only is there coke in the chocolate cake batter, but the cupcake is filled with cherry pie filling, smothered with a cherry coke glaze, covered with a whipped cream frosting, and topped with a cherry as a finishing touch.  Just writing this description, makes me want one (or 6) of these cupcakes very, very badly.  All these zumba classes have to be good for something right?

How amazing do these look? Note: these are not my photos.  I got them from the original blog,  Homemade by Holman.

Happy Birthday Cupcakes!

My friend Debbie celebrated her birthday this past Saturday night with a party at her place.  To help celebrate, I was in charge of the cake – though she requested cupcakes.  I decided to go fancier than usual – and use new recipes.

Margarita-flavored cupcakes:  Those who know me, know that I’m allergic to fun – specifically alcohol.  That’s right, I am sensitive to hopps and liquor gives me a headache.  However, ALL of my friends like to get their party on. So, I felt that margarita cupcakes were just right for a party – too bad the birthday girl gets sick from margarita sour. Notice the zested lime in the frosting – that’s right, I used lime zest.

White Chocolate Mint Chocolate cupcakes:  I absolutely love the flavor combination of mint and chocolate.  So, when I found a recipe for a white chocolate mint frosting, I knew I had found my second cupcake for the party.  To date, it’s Sam’s favorite icing. I found that with the melted white chocolate mixed in with the rest of the ingredients, it was a little bit too heavy.  It looked amazing on the cupcakes – no wilting, even in the south Florida heat – but it felt heavy.

Here are some shots of the 4 DOZEN cupcakes I made on Saturday afternoon.