Sweet Deliciousness

As promised (though a little behind schedule), here are some photos of my recent cupcake adventures.

First stop was my chocolate cupcakes topped with mint buttercream and garnished with sugar pearls.  This batch was an order for a friend. And Sam found out this was his favorite flavor (thus far).

Of the remaining cupcakes from this batch, I gave 6 to my trainer for is birthday and the rest came with me to my desk.  I saw desk because these 6 didn’t make it to the kitchen before they had been devoured by co-workers.  These were garnished with cookie bits.

My friend who ordered the batch above inadvertently got me my first order by an unknown (as in a stranger to me).  She ordered a dozen for her granddaughter’s 10th birthday. She wanted light pink, raspberry flavored icing, and the sugar pearls.  This didn’t leave me a lot of room for creativity, but I managed to make them look beautiful! The rose topped cake is for the birthday girl.

Last Friday was the last day for a co-worker in our Florida office. To celebrate (his new move), I brought in spice cupcakes topped with a pumpkin buttercream (now Sam’s favorite cupcake).


A rose by any other name? Not as pretty, actually.

My name is Robyn and I’m addicted to the website http://www.Pinterest.com.  It’s a virtual pinboard of, well, EVERYTHING.  Any pages, posts, blogs, photos, products, tutorials, or recipes that I run across online that I like and want to remember for future use can be “pinned” to my Pinterest boards – each dedicated to a different topic of my choosing.

Anywho, there is a broad topic on DIY crafts and I have just realized the amazing-ness of felt and fabric flowers.  The most versatile (for everyday wear) seemed to be the rosebud barrettes.

Here is what it is supposed to look like (photos – and tutorial – taken from mrspriss.com).

Here’s what my first try looks like. I definitely need a template for my leaves (they are folded down in the head shot below). They look pretty sad, don’t you agree? I’ll keep working on my rolled felt abilities – because they’re so freakin’ cute!

Pre-wedding Jitters (and I’m not even the bride)

Although it’s no excuse, I’ve been extremely busy between work and home the last few weeks – however, this shouldn’t stop me from writing.  The short answer is…I’m lazy.  I have been practicing my cake making, though! And Randi’s cake is looking gorgeous!  Initially, I was going to post pictures of my “final” practice cake (and she doesn’t mind if I do), but I figured since it’s her WEDDING cake, I’d hold off on posting the pictures for the entire world (in theory) to see.  I will, for sure, post lots and lots of photos of the cake and dessert table from the reception. The wedding is less than two weeks away and everyone is stressed. I was stressed, but then I figured that even if something does go wrong, at the end of the day, they’ll be married – which is the most important part of the day, really the only reason for the day at all.

In preparation, I’ve already started packing. It’s a little OCD, I know, but I need to start putting things aside so I know that I’ve got it ready to go.  For example, I’m bringing a lot of my cupcake paraphernalia with me (gold liners, sugar pearls, pixie dust, extract flavors, cake pans, etc.).  I also need to have all of Sam’s wedding attire so that he won’t have to check luggage when he flies up later.  My carry on will have one orange bridesmaid dress and a bag or two of cake decorating tools.  Everything else can be bought if my luggage gets lost – but I’m pretty sure my sister would seriously maim me if I lost the dress on the way to the wedding.

Off topic, I had two orders for cupcakes this week and Sam’s birthday cookie-cake – stay tuned for photos!

My New Hero!

My friend Katie (THANK YOU) just sent me a link that she thought I would enjoy.  Well, she was mostly right.  I ABSOLUTELY love this woman.  While I would not marry her, probably, I would definitely ensure she’s on my must-hang-out-with list.  She is the woman I strive to be.  Thank you Bloggess, you made my day a lot brighter.

Photos as Promised!

My friend requested two miniature cakes – one for her and one for her sister, the birthday girl.  In the end, I fit two 4-in. chocolate cakes filled with a mousse pudding on a 10-in. cake board (on which I wrote Happy 50th). I also made a “5” and a “0” out of chocolate to stick in the tops of the cakes. I think that they turned out pretty nice…and I know that they tasted AMAZING. I love the explosion of sweetness of a traditional buttercream flavored with almond. It tastes, well, decadent.


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Can you believe it’s already 2 days into September? I sure can’t.  Roughly 1 month left until my sister’s wedding and I still have to get my dress hemmed and my cake perfected. Luckily, I’ve already got the gigantic cupcake tower. I’ll be buying my secret ingredient this weekend (to be revealed at a later date) and keep practicing.  On the positive side, I’ve got a small request for two miniature cakes for tomorrow morning – to be decorated identical to the wedding cake’s top layer – so this totally counts as practice.  I’ll work with fondant this weekend. Everyone has Monday off, right? I’m very much looking forward to a 3-day weekend!

Last weekend was a 4-day weekend for me and I went on a cruise with Sam and his entire office (as well as their families). Oddly enough, I only got a few pictures of Sam and his dad while we were off the boat in The Bahamas…and none of me.  Oh well. I know I was there.

I will, however, post pictures of my miniature beauties when I have them.

Marshmallow Fondant…mmmmm

As I promised myself, I practiced with fondant for my sister’s wedding cake. The fondant was easier to make this time and I was able to get it to look nicer on the cake than last time. However, I would definitely try to chill it first next time before putting it on the cake (one side of the cake didn’t turn as as well as the others because the middle of the rolled fondant began to rip and pull away since it was still slightly warm).

Sam always complains that he doesn’t get to taste the cakes that I make and bring to other people, so I made him his very own loaf of cake this week. It even had his name all over it.  And, if you pay close attention to the sides of the cake, I have answered his weekly (joking) question, “Where is my mother$#%$ cake?”