Guest Post: Maxwell

So, it’s me…you know, the one my mom’s been talking about non-stop for what seems like my entire life! I wanted to drop in to say Hi, rather than let her do it for me. I mean, geesh, I’m able to say hi. The neighbors know this since they probably can hear me from next door. If you haven’t seen me in a while, there’s something new every day – something that I need to tell my mommy and daddy about as loud as I can. They need to hear me over the TV, my music toys, the dog barking, cat meowing, and their talking, right? Let’s see…

Right now my mouth hurts a lot. There’s ANOTHER tiny, hard, white thing coming out of my gums. This will be my third and even though mommy gets excited each time, I’m not sure why. All I know is that they hurt and now I can’t gnaw on my hand as well. I’m hoping this will be the last one.


I’m standing on my own now; who needs a mommy when they have the freedom to move! When I’m standing, I like to dance with my pacifier and throw it as far as I can. Usually at Bear to get his attention. I can’t figure out why he doesn’t like to play with me. I love petting him…did you know that dog fur comes off of the dog really easy and usually by the fist-full? Speaking of animals, the cat doesn’t seem to want to play either. I mean, you grab a tail one time and she won’t come near you anymore…


Question? Do any of you like sleeping alone? I don’t. But, mommy and daddy are getting smarter at night and letting me cry for a few minutes before I fall asleep. Don’t they know that we’re playing Hot Lava and the mattress is lava? By putting me in my crib EVERY night when it gets dark outside they’re cheating! How am I supposed to get hugs all night long and cuddle with mommy if she leaves me in my crib? It doesn’t matter that she’s already given me 2 hours of hugs AFTER I’ve fallen asleep, I want more!!!

Anyway, work’s going well. Daddy drops me off every day and it’s a lot of hard work to get into every cabinet and toy box when the bosses aren’t watching. If I get caught, they usually put me into a plastic toy that I can practice my walking in. But, I’m literally walking in circles and it’s very hard to make the necessary number of messes if I can’t reach anything!  I’m working on being sneakier and getting the other babies to work with me.  One day we will get that gate open!

Does anyone else have any of these problems? Life is hard.

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