Bedtime woes…

So, apparently Max only napped for about an hour(ish) total at daycare yesterday…which made for a very tired little boy by the time I got home from work.  By the time he attempted to use my butt as a very large, soft pillow mid climb while we were wrestling on the floor, I figured it was time to move on to dinner so he could get to bed early.  I’ve seen adorable photos of babies/kids falling asleep mid-meal.  Not this guy.  He got most of the way through and decided enough was enough – then came the crocodile tears.  Now, he typically doesn’t cry if I’m near him and paying attention to him, so this was new.  By the time I got him out of his chair, cleaned up, and ready for bed, he was in full meltdown mode.  Luckily, Sam was kind enough to make his bedtime bottle while I won the Battle of the Footie Pajamas.  By 6:30, there was a bottle in his mouth; and by 6:45, his eyes were closed.  Which meant that by 9:00, his eyes were open and full of tears, once again.  Sam and I struggled for this first time with a baby who was so over tired he was fighting sleep.  After another bottle and more hugs, he eventually was asleep for good about 10:15 – with a few slight hiccups during the night about midnight and 3:00am (but he self-soothed and fell back asleep without us).

Today was a new day, and he woke up at 6:15 with a smile on his face ready to tackle another day at daycare with this friends.


Breakfast Hooky

Max was supposed to have a doctor’s appointment this morning, and, long story short, we cancelled after we had already checked in.  Since Sam and I had already told our offices that we’d be in late, we decided to grab a quick bite and coffee at a nearby Panera.  We try to let Max try new foods (whatever we’re eating) more often than not.  He’s been on “solid food” since he was four months old, so it’s time he start tasting foods other than mashed up green beans and carrots.  Sam and I decided to split a cinnamon roll – and Max got a small taste too!  No frosting or gobs of cinnamon, just the breading the size of my fingertip, but he loved it!  He’s not usually a fan of sweets – but once he had his first taste he started to giggle…and giggle.  It was a great start to a Friday.  Bring on the weekend!




And she LIVES…

Hello world wide web! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted (2.5 years, to be exact – sheesh!).  A lot has happened since my last post about my sister’s wedding cake of awesomeness.

To recap:

Sam and I got married in Las Vegas.  By an Elvis impersonator.



I got pregnant…with a little boy.



I gave birth to said little boy.


And he’s turned into an amazing little person.




Wow!! It’s been 3 months? Are you sure?

So, it just dawned on me that it’s been more than 3 MONTHS since I posted! I apologize if anyone has been going through Robyn-withdrawal.  It’s tough, I know.  I’ve been kinda missing me too.  Like most people, I go through a funk every year around the holiday season.  It doesn’t help that my fiance hates Christmas.  Oh, that’s right, I haven’t posted my big news. SAM PROPOSED! I have a beautiful ring and a date is already set – September 2, 2012.  We’re doing it right – an Elvis impersonator in Vegas.  It might be more difficult to plan a destination wedding (particularly somewhere slightly affordable and fun) because our guest list is much, much shorter than it would be for a local wedding.  Luckily, we’re planning on reception/party in town in November after Sam’s yearly golf tournament is over and my parents are back in town (mostly for the parents, though). Also, I can only plan small parts of the wedding as we’ve already put a down payment down on the chapel – our package includes a reception, but I can only choose the colors, not design centerpieces, etc. How do you feel about peacocks? Or fireflies and mason jars? Or a black and white damask pattern? I only need to make the invitations and save the dates and I still can’t decide! Also, I only have one attendant (my sister as matron of honor), so I can have her wear any style/color dress I want – which is still a hard decision to make. I’m really glad that Sam and I agreed on Vegas (and the Elvis) because I’m pretty sure I’d drive myself insane – and everyone around me – trying to plan a larger wedding.

Changing topics.  I have still been baking, though not as much as before.  I have pictures of my cakes and cupcakes – including my sister’s wedding! I also have a lot of crafty things I’ve been making, so I’ll post pictures of those as well.  One of my resolutions this year (yes, I have MANY resolutions for 2012) is to make my house, well, clean. It still looks like a recent college graduate lives here, between my stuff and Sam’s.  I have planned to go though my house, one room at a time, getting rid of things I don’t need, decorating, and generally making the space look finished.  I’ll post before/after photos as I do this.  As part of my many resolutions, I have started a second blog,, to not only chronicle my success/failures, but as a way of being accountable to myself and a way to measure my progress throughout 2012.  So, if I’m not writing here (though one of my goals is to write more, so I should be writing here), I’m writing over there.

Pre-wedding Jitters (and I’m not even the bride)

Although it’s no excuse, I’ve been extremely busy between work and home the last few weeks – however, this shouldn’t stop me from writing.  The short answer is…I’m lazy.  I have been practicing my cake making, though! And Randi’s cake is looking gorgeous!  Initially, I was going to post pictures of my “final” practice cake (and she doesn’t mind if I do), but I figured since it’s her WEDDING cake, I’d hold off on posting the pictures for the entire world (in theory) to see.  I will, for sure, post lots and lots of photos of the cake and dessert table from the reception. The wedding is less than two weeks away and everyone is stressed. I was stressed, but then I figured that even if something does go wrong, at the end of the day, they’ll be married – which is the most important part of the day, really the only reason for the day at all.

In preparation, I’ve already started packing. It’s a little OCD, I know, but I need to start putting things aside so I know that I’ve got it ready to go.  For example, I’m bringing a lot of my cupcake paraphernalia with me (gold liners, sugar pearls, pixie dust, extract flavors, cake pans, etc.).  I also need to have all of Sam’s wedding attire so that he won’t have to check luggage when he flies up later.  My carry on will have one orange bridesmaid dress and a bag or two of cake decorating tools.  Everything else can be bought if my luggage gets lost – but I’m pretty sure my sister would seriously maim me if I lost the dress on the way to the wedding.

Off topic, I had two orders for cupcakes this week and Sam’s birthday cookie-cake – stay tuned for photos!

My New Hero!

My friend Katie (THANK YOU) just sent me a link that she thought I would enjoy.  Well, she was mostly right.  I ABSOLUTELY love this woman.  While I would not marry her, probably, I would definitely ensure she’s on my must-hang-out-with list.  She is the woman I strive to be.  Thank you Bloggess, you made my day a lot brighter.


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Can you believe it’s already 2 days into September? I sure can’t.  Roughly 1 month left until my sister’s wedding and I still have to get my dress hemmed and my cake perfected. Luckily, I’ve already got the gigantic cupcake tower. I’ll be buying my secret ingredient this weekend (to be revealed at a later date) and keep practicing.  On the positive side, I’ve got a small request for two miniature cakes for tomorrow morning – to be decorated identical to the wedding cake’s top layer – so this totally counts as practice.  I’ll work with fondant this weekend. Everyone has Monday off, right? I’m very much looking forward to a 3-day weekend!

Last weekend was a 4-day weekend for me and I went on a cruise with Sam and his entire office (as well as their families). Oddly enough, I only got a few pictures of Sam and his dad while we were off the boat in The Bahamas…and none of me.  Oh well. I know I was there.

I will, however, post pictures of my miniature beauties when I have them.