Flowers for my Hair

I’ve been looking for crafty things I can do that do not involve sugar and butter. It’s surprising difficult, actually.  After much searching on (the site I wrote about a few posts ago), I found some more flower ideas.  Check out my first attempts.  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.  The orange(y) fabric is made from the scraps of my bridesmaid dress (I sweet-talked the seamstress for my own fabric scraps after she hemmed the 5-in. off the bottom).



A rose by any other name? Not as pretty, actually.

My name is Robyn and I’m addicted to the website  It’s a virtual pinboard of, well, EVERYTHING.  Any pages, posts, blogs, photos, products, tutorials, or recipes that I run across online that I like and want to remember for future use can be “pinned” to my Pinterest boards – each dedicated to a different topic of my choosing.

Anywho, there is a broad topic on DIY crafts and I have just realized the amazing-ness of felt and fabric flowers.  The most versatile (for everyday wear) seemed to be the rosebud barrettes.

Here is what it is supposed to look like (photos – and tutorial – taken from

Here’s what my first try looks like. I definitely need a template for my leaves (they are folded down in the head shot below). They look pretty sad, don’t you agree? I’ll keep working on my rolled felt abilities – because they’re so freakin’ cute!

Love for “Retro” Comics

Everyone I know – especially myself – is constantly on the look out to make a little bit of extra cash doing something they love.  Really, I can only make so many cupcakes and coasters before I need to start selling them to 1) make room for the next creation; 2) pay for my supplies; and/or 3) keep my sugar intake from skyrocketing on a regular basis.

A friend from work has been looking for something to do that isn’t centered around being a website consultant.  He loves all things “geeky” and has quite a collection of t-shirts that are both entertaining and hard to understand if you aren’t aware of the inside joke.  In honor of his Geek-dom, he has decided to start creating and selling belt buckles from old video game controllers and cartridges.  Ultimately, his goals is to make a ginormous belt buckle from an actual game console that functions while being worn by a fellow gamer.  Luckily for me, comic books (especially those from the 1990s, seem to fall into this same type of category – and Sam has boxes of old comics hiding away in his closet.  My friend purchased – sight unseen – four sets of comic book coasters from me that he plans to put on his website.  Because Sam loves me, he went through one of the boxes and gave me a pile of comics that I can cut up and attach to my tiles – making super cool home decor for that hard to shop for guy.  My friend is still working on getting his site up and running, but I’ll put the link with all my other Favorite sites once he’s given the all clear.

But seriously, how cute are these??

Gifts for me!!

I love gifts. No way around it – cards, a package of peeps, things for my kitchen, books, socks – you get the idea.  I love knowing that someone was thinking of me while they were out and brought me something because they like/love me.  It makes me feel squishy inside.  I know what you’re thinking, it could just be the package of peeps that I inhaled, but no, it’s the presents.

This week,  I got a digital scale from someone who will remain nameless so that I can start weighing my portions – I have a hard time with the whole portion control thing.  I eat until I’m full rather than satisfied. But, that’s for another posting.

A friend came back from a VERY long vacation (a whole 10 days!) and brought me back a present.  She went to two family weddings up in Michigan.  Have you ever been to Holland, Michigan? Sam and I went a couple of times while we were in that neck of the woods for my friend Katie’s wedding last September.  It is beautiful! It’s a small college town with an adorable downtown area.  I fell in love with Karla’s Place, a tiny shop on the main street downtown that sells handmade items.  That store is actually the reason I started making cake plates to display my cakes and treats.  Anywho, she knows me and brought me back the cutest sprinkles container – before she even knew that I had revamped (and renamed) by blog!

I mentioned my cake plates above. Have you seen them yet? If not, they’re a treat for the eyes and your counter top. Although, my photos aren’t that great.  I really do need a new camera…

Molly’s Non-birthday Celebration

Today we celebrated my friend Molly’s non-birthday. What this really means is that she hates her birthday but as her friends, we still want to celebrate the day with her.  I spent Friday night and Saturday making her gifts.  First, I started with her coasters and matching magnets (a requisite gift from me at this point).  I really think I nailed the design this time – matching Molly’s personality and her home decor.  These photos show the coasters before the coat of lacquer was put on.

While the glue was drying, I cooked up some homemade Kahlua. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of it, but check out my Baking & Recipes page for instructions on how to make it.  It only has coffee, brown sugar, vanilla, and vodka. I needed this to make my White Russian cupcakes – which turned out amazing.  According to my official taste testers, they are the best ones to date. And truthfully, they were the most beautiful.

Got Caulk?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had a WONDERFUL 3-day weekend.  I started off Friday night with a musical at Jensen Beach High School. My friend Molly is the theater teacher, and she and her students did a great job.  Into the Woods was a cute compilation of a variety of fairy tales (Rapunzel, Jack & the Bean Stalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella).  The HS band even played the soundtrack for the actors.  All in all, a great show.

Saturday, Sam and I started with breakfast, followed by errands and then of  by the pool.  Later that night, we spent some time at a bar in Ft. Pierce called Mother Tucker’s to support a band that a friend’s husband plays in – a beach bar where we all promptly got eaten alive by sand lice.

Sunday, I made some coasters and matching magnets for a friend’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Mischele.

While the coasters were drying, I worked on my spare bathroom.  I’m not sure when the last time the crevices were caulked, but they needed to be re-caulked.  I actually really enjoyed doing it. Home repair with instant gratification – and quick clean up. Tubs don’t photograph well, but you get the idea.  It doesn’t look professional, but it does look like a homeowner who cares did it.

On Monday, Sam and I took Mischele to Crawdaddy’s for a birthday lunch celebration.  Afterward, we went to an afternoon matinee and saw The Hangover: Part II.  It was hilarious, but definitely much darker and raunchier than the original.  Still, it’s worth seeing.

Emily Post Etiquette + Marble Tiles

For months, I’ve been telling myself (and everyone who listens to me) that I’m going to be more creative and follow through on my, well, plans.  “Ideas” is not the right word because, thus far, none of the ideas I’ve written down have been my own. They’ve been crafts that I’ve seen others do and try to sell that I’m too cheap to spend the money on if I can make it myself easily enough.  So, I pulled out my “Personalized Coaster” craft project that I’ve had on the top shelf of my closet for nearly 5 years. No, really. I got it out of the Freebie Closet when I worked at Country Sampler magazine.  It was a sample product that I loved the idea of that long ago and never followed through.  Last night, after nearly a week of scanning the crafty projects at, I decided it was time to take down the box.  I didn’t follow the directions, though.

Should I spill the beans and give away all my secrets?  No reason why I shouldn’t – It’s not really a secret at all.  All you need is paper, special glue, tile, and some time on your hands.

1.  I decided that since I like manuals and books so much, I’d make my coasters out of my old Emily Post Etiquette books that I bought nearly 5 years ago to begin my collection (that hasn’t gone any further than those 4 books).  Once I found the passages that I wanted to immortalize on my coffee table I was ready to get started.  My favorite passage is “How Far May a Girl Run After a Man?” – pictured below.  I covered each of the four pages with a few layers of the specialized glue I purchased yesterday.

2.  Once they were dry, I used that same glue to adhere them to the marble tiles – with a few layers put on to keep the paper from being damaged from my ice cold beverages.

3.  While I waited for the new coats of glue to dry, I put on the cork feet so that my beautiful creations don’t ruin the tabletops they’re meant to protect.

4. Add more coats as necessary to adequately cover the paper.

I know that they are just coasters, but you’ve got to admit, they add some homemade class to my living room.  For my next set, Sam said he’d give me one of his old comic books – not sure which super hero he’s going to let me cut up, but it should look pretty fun with colors and pictures rather than just plain old words, no matter how amusing I might find the text.