Bedtime woes…

So, apparently Max only napped for about an hour(ish) total at daycare yesterday…which made for a very tired little boy by the time I got home from work.  By the time he attempted to use my butt as a very large, soft pillow mid climb while we were wrestling on the floor, I figured it was time to move on to dinner so he could get to bed early.  I’ve seen adorable photos of babies/kids falling asleep mid-meal.  Not this guy.  He got most of the way through and decided enough was enough – then came the crocodile tears.  Now, he typically doesn’t cry if I’m near him and paying attention to him, so this was new.  By the time I got him out of his chair, cleaned up, and ready for bed, he was in full meltdown mode.  Luckily, Sam was kind enough to make his bedtime bottle while I won the Battle of the Footie Pajamas.  By 6:30, there was a bottle in his mouth; and by 6:45, his eyes were closed.  Which meant that by 9:00, his eyes were open and full of tears, once again.  Sam and I struggled for this first time with a baby who was so over tired he was fighting sleep.  After another bottle and more hugs, he eventually was asleep for good about 10:15 – with a few slight hiccups during the night about midnight and 3:00am (but he self-soothed and fell back asleep without us).

Today was a new day, and he woke up at 6:15 with a smile on his face ready to tackle another day at daycare with this friends.


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