Breakfast Hooky

Max was supposed to have a doctor’s appointment this morning, and, long story short, we cancelled after we had already checked in.  Since Sam and I had already told our offices that we’d be in late, we decided to grab a quick bite and coffee at a nearby Panera.  We try to let Max try new foods (whatever we’re eating) more often than not.  He’s been on “solid food” since he was four months old, so it’s time he start tasting foods other than mashed up green beans and carrots.  Sam and I decided to split a cinnamon roll – and Max got a small taste too!  No frosting or gobs of cinnamon, just the breading the size of my fingertip, but he loved it!  He’s not usually a fan of sweets – but once he had his first taste he started to giggle…and giggle.  It was a great start to a Friday.  Bring on the weekend!





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