Wow!! It’s been 3 months? Are you sure?

So, it just dawned on me that it’s been more than 3 MONTHS since I posted! I apologize if anyone has been going through Robyn-withdrawal.  It’s tough, I know.  I’ve been kinda missing me too.  Like most people, I go through a funk every year around the holiday season.  It doesn’t help that my fiance hates Christmas.  Oh, that’s right, I haven’t posted my big news. SAM PROPOSED! I have a beautiful ring and a date is already set – September 2, 2012.  We’re doing it right – an Elvis impersonator in Vegas.  It might be more difficult to plan a destination wedding (particularly somewhere slightly affordable and fun) because our guest list is much, much shorter than it would be for a local wedding.  Luckily, we’re planning on reception/party in town in November after Sam’s yearly golf tournament is over and my parents are back in town (mostly for the parents, though). Also, I can only plan small parts of the wedding as we’ve already put a down payment down on the chapel – our package includes a reception, but I can only choose the colors, not design centerpieces, etc. How do you feel about peacocks? Or fireflies and mason jars? Or a black and white damask pattern? I only need to make the invitations and save the dates and I still can’t decide! Also, I only have one attendant (my sister as matron of honor), so I can have her wear any style/color dress I want – which is still a hard decision to make. I’m really glad that Sam and I agreed on Vegas (and the Elvis) because I’m pretty sure I’d drive myself insane – and everyone around me – trying to plan a larger wedding.

Changing topics.  I have still been baking, though not as much as before.  I have pictures of my cakes and cupcakes – including my sister’s wedding! I also have a lot of crafty things I’ve been making, so I’ll post pictures of those as well.  One of my resolutions this year (yes, I have MANY resolutions for 2012) is to make my house, well, clean. It still looks like a recent college graduate lives here, between my stuff and Sam’s.  I have planned to go though my house, one room at a time, getting rid of things I don’t need, decorating, and generally making the space look finished.  I’ll post before/after photos as I do this.  As part of my many resolutions, I have started a second blog,, to not only chronicle my success/failures, but as a way of being accountable to myself and a way to measure my progress throughout 2012.  So, if I’m not writing here (though one of my goals is to write more, so I should be writing here), I’m writing over there.


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