Marshmallow Fondant…mmmmm

As I promised myself, I practiced with fondant for my sister’s wedding cake. The fondant was easier to make this time and I was able to get it to look nicer on the cake than last time. However, I would definitely try to chill it first next time before putting it on the cake (one side of the cake didn’t turn as as well as the others because the middle of the rolled fondant began to rip and pull away since it was still slightly warm).

Sam always complains that he doesn’t get to taste the cakes that I make and bring to other people, so I made him his very own loaf of cake this week. It even had his name all over it.  And, if you pay close attention to the sides of the cake, I have answered his weekly (joking) question, “Where is my mother$#%$ cake?”


2 thoughts on “Marshmallow Fondant…mmmmm

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