Birthday Roses…out of cream cheese?

Today is the birthday of a friend at work and I was asked to make a red velvet cake – which, obviously means they are waiting for the cream cheese frosting, as well.  I prefer the traditional buttercream or the whipped cream/cream cheese mix over a traditional cream cheese frosting. However, the design I wanted to try this time – very large, old-fashioned roses – required a sturdier frosting than one with whipped cream in it.

I seem to be having some trouble getting my cakes to rise consistently and on command, but overall the cake didn’t turn out too bad.  Next time, I’ll be sure to make two cakes rather than depend on the one cake (split and filled) being tall enough.  On the other hand, the roses are very large and sort of make the cake look shorter than it really is.

Once again, the cake is MUCH prettier in person than in the photos. I have got to figure out how to take better pictures of my creations.


3 thoughts on “Birthday Roses…out of cream cheese?

  1. If we happen to be in Florida for my birthday, I’d like the roses to go around my “happy Birthday Mom” like an old fashioned, ornate picture frame….tuck that away for future reference…this cake is beautiful…mine just needs to be different

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