Superhero Cake Balls…mmmm

After the Little Mermaid cake was devoured at the birthday party, I got an order from a party-goer for 50 red velvet and cream cheese frosting cake balls.  Her son’s party was Spiderman-themed, so she requested blue and red cake balls.  I’ve made these before without any problems, but this time it was nearly impossible to get them made and delivered on time.

Because blue and red chocolate looked old at the store, I decided to color white chocolate the shades I needed.  Unfortunately, the white chocolate was old as well. If you’ve ever tried to use old chocolate, you understand how awful it was.  I ended up with a large lump of superhero blue goo.  I had to try a second store and rather than red and blue balls, I delivered 25 red balls decorated with blue and 25 milk chocolate balls decorated with red.  With a lot of wasted effort and chocolate (my plastic tube for decorating busted on my TWICE and I lost a lot of chocolate both in my hands and in the broken tubes as I moved the remaining chocolate into new tubes), my cake balls were done on time and tasted delicious.  You can see the holes where the toothpick was during dipping, but it doesn’t detract from how pretty they were in person.


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