Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

I mentioned on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that I received my first cake order for a Little Mermaid cake.  Unfortunately, Ariel isn’t the most popular princess right now, so it wasn’t as easy to find toys for the top of the cake as I thought it was going to be.  Ultimately, I bought the same pieces that the local grocery story uses on its Little Mermaid-themed cakes.

A few days before the cake was due, I made starfish using colorflow – and they turned out really well for my first attempt at using frosting in this way.  I also made some crabs (I initially wanted to make Sebastian, but he proved too difficult and was too large for what I wanted to use the decorations for – the sides of the cake).

Once it was time to decorate the cake, I decided on fluffy waves for the top of cake and starfish and seagrass for the sides of the cake.  Up until now, I’ve been focusing on cupcakes rather than cakes, so my handwriting leaves a lot to be desired.   After the third try, I decided to leave it alone and deliver it as it was.  For the first two tries, I used the green frosting – but it was hard to see on the blue background.  For the last try, I firmed up some of the pink I had used for the starfish and it looked much, much better.


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