Wedding Cake: Practice Effort 1

Only 8 months later than I had anticipated, I tried my hand at my first “wedding” cake effort. It didn’t turn out so great. Don’t get me wrong, the cake itself was pretty, but it was not wedding pretty.  However, I do know what I did wrong.  1) I didn’t cool the crumb-coated cake in the fridge to set it – meaning it was soft (too soft) for the fondant; and 2) I used old fondant (it still tasted right, but it was hard to work with).  The main purpose of this practice round was to see how the rock candy and the fondant worked together.  In the end, I smeared on a thin layer of frosting to “glue” the rocks to the sides of the cake.  I started off gluing them on one by one, but I would still be putting them on weeks later if I had continued with that method.

I have a better design in mind now, so the rock candy (on the cake part) is no longer being considered.  However, I still desperately need to work with my fondant and get that perfected.

Next step: Practice covering cakes with fondant correctly (after setting the frosted cake so that it isn’t soft).


One thought on “Wedding Cake: Practice Effort 1

  1. Who is going to eat this cake? I think it looks good for your first real effort, practice makes perfect. Keep working on the fondant and the rest will fall into place.

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