Love for “Retro” Comics

Everyone I know – especially myself – is constantly on the look out to make a little bit of extra cash doing something they love.  Really, I can only make so many cupcakes and coasters before I need to start selling them to 1) make room for the next creation; 2) pay for my supplies; and/or 3) keep my sugar intake from skyrocketing on a regular basis.

A friend from work has been looking for something to do that isn’t centered around being a website consultant.  He loves all things “geeky” and has quite a collection of t-shirts that are both entertaining and hard to understand if you aren’t aware of the inside joke.  In honor of his Geek-dom, he has decided to start creating and selling belt buckles from old video game controllers and cartridges.  Ultimately, his goals is to make a ginormous belt buckle from an actual game console that functions while being worn by a fellow gamer.  Luckily for me, comic books (especially those from the 1990s, seem to fall into this same type of category – and Sam has boxes of old comics hiding away in his closet.  My friend purchased – sight unseen – four sets of comic book coasters from me that he plans to put on his website.  Because Sam loves me, he went through one of the boxes and gave me a pile of comics that I can cut up and attach to my tiles – making super cool home decor for that hard to shop for guy.  My friend is still working on getting his site up and running, but I’ll put the link with all my other Favorite sites once he’s given the all clear.

But seriously, how cute are these??


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