Gifts for me!!

I love gifts. No way around it – cards, a package of peeps, things for my kitchen, books, socks – you get the idea.  I love knowing that someone was thinking of me while they were out and brought me something because they like/love me.  It makes me feel squishy inside.  I know what you’re thinking, it could just be the package of peeps that I inhaled, but no, it’s the presents.

This week,  I got a digital scale from someone who will remain nameless so that I can start weighing my portions – I have a hard time with the whole portion control thing.  I eat until I’m full rather than satisfied. But, that’s for another posting.

A friend came back from a VERY long vacation (a whole 10 days!) and brought me back a present.  She went to two family weddings up in Michigan.  Have you ever been to Holland, Michigan? Sam and I went a couple of times while we were in that neck of the woods for my friend Katie’s wedding last September.  It is beautiful! It’s a small college town with an adorable downtown area.  I fell in love with Karla’s Place, a tiny shop on the main street downtown that sells handmade items.  That store is actually the reason I started making cake plates to display my cakes and treats.  Anywho, she knows me and brought me back the cutest sprinkles container – before she even knew that I had revamped (and renamed) by blog!

I mentioned my cake plates above. Have you seen them yet? If not, they’re a treat for the eyes and your counter top. Although, my photos aren’t that great.  I really do need a new camera…


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