Cherry Coke Cupcake Treats

For some reason, cherry coke always reminds me of growing up. I’m not sure if it’s because the cherry flavored soda was seldom an option at home or if because I’ve been brainwashed by the media/commercials to see cherry coke as “vintage.” Either way, I love me some cherry coke.  For a few cakes in the past, I’ve used a coke recipe that called for regular soda and marshmallows.  When doing a quick search yesterday for unique cupcake flavors, I ran across a blog that has delicious looking photos of recipes that sound amazing.  What caught my eye was the recipe and beautiful photos for the cherry coke cupcakes.  Not only is there coke in the chocolate cake batter, but the cupcake is filled with cherry pie filling, smothered with a cherry coke glaze, covered with a whipped cream frosting, and topped with a cherry as a finishing touch.  Just writing this description, makes me want one (or 6) of these cupcakes very, very badly.  All these zumba classes have to be good for something right?

How amazing do these look? Note: these are not my photos.  I got them from the original blog,  Homemade by Holman.


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