Super 8: How was it?

Sam and I went to see Super 8 this past weekend.  And, oddly enough, we both really enjoyed it.  This is odd because our tastes could not be more different.  If I think something’s funny, he doesn’t get it.  If he finds it interesting, I usually find it boring.  I like bright colors, he likes blue and gray.  I like to think about cupcakes and candy, he prefers chips and salty, greasy foods.  But this Saturday afternoon, all the planets aligned and we both liked the same movie.

The movie trailer and commercials don’t do the film justice.  There is a lot of action, fires, the town being taken over by the military to correct a deadly mistake, kids falling in love, parents and children finally understanding each other – it had it all.  This film feels like a compilation of a variety of movies – The Goonies (kids trying to save the day), Men in Black, Alien V. Predator: Requiem (town taken over by military).  It’s a dark movie with a lot of action.  But, unlike a lot of other action adventure films, this one actually has a story line that moves the story from the beginning to end – as well as moving the audience (both Sam and I really cared about each of the characters).  In fact, according to Sam, one of the best (saddest) parts of the film was a simple dinner between the main character and his father.  And I AGREED!  This film is worth seeing on the big screen. Two thumbs up.


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