Wedding Cupcakes…so many options

As some of you may know, my sister asked me to make her wedding cake (the wedding is in October).  After looking at many pictures and having hours of conversations centered around cake and display options, we’ve decided to go with a cupcake tree that has only a small two-tiered cake on top for the cutting ceremony.  This means that a small – though beautiful – cake and about 250 cupcakes will be needed.  Luckily, it’s turned into a family affair, with my mom and sister making the cupcake cakes before I arrive.  When I get there, we will make the frosting, make and decorate the small cake top, and decorate the cupcakes – all before delivering the reception site before we need to start beautifying ourselves for the ceremony.

Because so many cupcakes are going to be needed, we’ve decided to go with 5 flavors…but we are still undecided on one flavor.  I’ve listed below what we’re planning on making? My question is, what flavor cupcake would round out our cupcake tree of deliciousness?

  • Spice cake with pumpkin cream cheese frosting
  • White Russian with Kahlua frosting topped with chocolate sauce
  • Double chocolate with mint buttercream frosting
  • French vanilla with almond buttercream frosting

3 thoughts on “Wedding Cupcakes…so many options

  1. how about something chocolate without mint?

    or a fruity one?

    or the margirita one?

    what happened to the marshmellow coke?

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