Open for Business!

I’m officially open for business. And by that I mean I’m ready to start selling cupcakes if I get any requests.  I love making them and trying new recipes, but there are only so many small cakes I can taste test before I’ll have to start shopping for a new wardrobe.  And while I do love to shop, buying all new clothes is not on my list of things to do anytime soon.  I have the desire, the equipment, and the boxes for easy delivery! If you have a party coming up and you need cupcakes (regular or mini), I’d be happy to be your supplier rather than Publix or Wal-Mart.  Local parties only.


4 thoughts on “Open for Business!

  1. does that mean you won’t be able to make them for me? I need 100 for June 30th…full size please, variety of flavors….you’ll need inserts for the mini cupcakes, no?

  2. Good for you! Your stuff always looks amazing. I am, unfortunately, also not local, but if I ever hear of any business I’ll send it your way. Good luck!

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