Double Chocolate Topped with Mint Whipped Cream

I believe in the power of the Chiropractor.  In fact, I believe that mine has magic hands.  He has been helping me keep my headaches less frequent and my posture straighter.  When I made my appointment a couple weeks ago for this morning, he happened to mention that it was a great day to come in – mostly because it is his birthday.

Naturally, I offered to bring cupcakes.  By the looks on their faces when I arrived this morning with boxes of cupcakes in tow, I don’t think they believed me when I said I’d make them. But, they were VERY happy to have a little afternoon delight to look forward to – one that isn’t frowned upon in the workplace, anyway.

So, last night I made the cupcakes and decided to get up a little early this morning to do the frosting.  Mostly because I decided to go with the easiest frosting I have made to date – flavored whipped cream.  And what goes best with chocolate? Mint, obviously.  See my recipe for Mint Whipped Cream Frosting if you’re interested in giving it a whirl yourself.

I wanted to deliver them in boxes rather than leave Tupperware behind. Unfortunately, the boxes I had ordered were delivered yesterday, but the cupcake inserts (cupcakes fit in cut-outs so they don’t move around in the box and get ruined) didn’t arrive until today.  Luckily, I had purchased two boxes that each hold 6 regular sized cupcakes. This way, he got one box for the office and one for home. If he didn’t have kids at home, I would have made the White Russian ones again, they were that good.

Like the White Russian cupcakes, I topped these with dark chocolate sauce.  I think they turned out pretty good. What about you?


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