Chocolate Making Class

A few weeks ago, a friend ran across a really cheap groupon special for a candy making class ($15 instead of the usual $50) so three of us spent the evening learning how to be true chocolatiers. We were each given a sucker with our photo on it as a souvenir of our experience. How cute are we??

The first thing we did was learn to use the machine (she called Bobby – because she’s a girl and she named it) that keeps the milk chocolate at just the right temperature and has a built in waterfall and conveyor built.  We chocolate covered potato chips – yummy.  You can see the chocolate-fall in the background with some chips moving along the belt.  It was nerve-wracking to have to catch each chip before it fell off the belt and into the vat of chocolate.

Next, we practiced our balloon tying skills – not so easy with gloves on.  We dipped the balloons to create small chocolate bowls – which eventually held our ice cream. My bowl is the one to the right of the gloved hand, slightly tilted to one side.

While those were hardening, we moved on to creating the non-puerile dots you see in stores and at movie theaters. Ours didn’t quite look they were supposed to.

While these were hardening, we got to re-dip a white chocolate covered strawberry to create a tuxedo effect (shown below – for some reason, this is the clearest photo I was able to take).  We also dipped frozen bananas and decorated them, but didn’t get to take them home with us. Truthfully, I think the owner just forget because it seemed that she just threw that last part in about the bananas. While mine looked amazing, milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzle, I wasn’t able to get a photo.

There were seven others there besides us, making it a full class of 10 adults. I think it might have been better with a smaller class, maybe 5 or so, because the work area was pretty small and we spent most of the time waiting our turn and trying to see what were were supposed to be doing.  There was only one guy who came – with who appeared to be a new girlfriend.  I think this would make a great date…you can talk to the person while doing something (presumably) neither of you has done before and have a souvenir to take home.

Overall, I the three of us had a really great time and our planning our next “date.” We’re thinking pottery painting.  Any other suggestions?


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