Happy Birthday Cupcakes!

My friend Debbie celebrated her birthday this past Saturday night with a party at her place.  To help celebrate, I was in charge of the cake – though she requested cupcakes.  I decided to go fancier than usual – and use new recipes.

Margarita-flavored cupcakes:  Those who know me, know that I’m allergic to fun – specifically alcohol.  That’s right, I am sensitive to hopps and liquor gives me a headache.  However, ALL of my friends like to get their party on. So, I felt that margarita cupcakes were just right for a party – too bad the birthday girl gets sick from margarita sour. Notice the zested lime in the frosting – that’s right, I used lime zest.

White Chocolate Mint Chocolate cupcakes:  I absolutely love the flavor combination of mint and chocolate.  So, when I found a recipe for a white chocolate mint frosting, I knew I had found my second cupcake for the party.  To date, it’s Sam’s favorite icing. I found that with the melted white chocolate mixed in with the rest of the ingredients, it was a little bit too heavy.  It looked amazing on the cupcakes – no wilting, even in the south Florida heat – but it felt heavy.

Here are some shots of the 4 DOZEN cupcakes I made on Saturday afternoon.


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