Emily Post Etiquette + Marble Tiles

For months, I’ve been telling myself (and everyone who listens to me) that I’m going to be more creative and follow through on my, well, plans.  “Ideas” is not the right word because, thus far, none of the ideas I’ve written down have been my own. They’ve been crafts that I’ve seen others do and try to sell that I’m too cheap to spend the money on if I can make it myself easily enough.  So, I pulled out my “Personalized Coaster” craft project that I’ve had on the top shelf of my closet for nearly 5 years. No, really. I got it out of the Freebie Closet when I worked at Country Sampler magazine.  It was a sample product that I loved the idea of that long ago and never followed through.  Last night, after nearly a week of scanning the crafty projects at Esty.com, I decided it was time to take down the box.  I didn’t follow the directions, though.

Should I spill the beans and give away all my secrets?  No reason why I shouldn’t – It’s not really a secret at all.  All you need is paper, special glue, tile, and some time on your hands.

1.  I decided that since I like manuals and books so much, I’d make my coasters out of my old Emily Post Etiquette books that I bought nearly 5 years ago to begin my collection (that hasn’t gone any further than those 4 books).  Once I found the passages that I wanted to immortalize on my coffee table I was ready to get started.  My favorite passage is “How Far May a Girl Run After a Man?” – pictured below.  I covered each of the four pages with a few layers of the specialized glue I purchased yesterday.

2.  Once they were dry, I used that same glue to adhere them to the marble tiles – with a few layers put on to keep the paper from being damaged from my ice cold beverages.

3.  While I waited for the new coats of glue to dry, I put on the cork feet so that my beautiful creations don’t ruin the tabletops they’re meant to protect.

4. Add more coats as necessary to adequately cover the paper.

I know that they are just coasters, but you’ve got to admit, they add some homemade class to my living room.  For my next set, Sam said he’d give me one of his old comic books – not sure which super hero he’s going to let me cut up, but it should look pretty fun with colors and pictures rather than just plain old words, no matter how amusing I might find the text.


3 thoughts on “Emily Post Etiquette + Marble Tiles

  1. I want flowers on mine! or maybe that crotchety old lady–I forget her name…you could put pictures of kids on them…Mom’s would love them! or grandchildren, there is no end of ideas! Cute….

  2. Seriously? Send me your address and I’ll send them to you. I like to make them and need to clean house, so to speak. Eventually, I’d like to sell them, maybe on etsy, but I’d like to see how they ship first.

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