Mother’s Day and Birthday Cakes

This past Sunday was both Mother’s Day (Hi Mom!) and Pauline’s (Sam’s mom’s) birthday.  I ended up having the beginnings of a migraine on Friday and Saturday. Sam was kind enough to bring me an Imitrex early Saturday morning and I didn’t get out of bed until after 12:30 in the afternoon. While I was sleeping, he managed to go to the store and wash our cars – well, his entire car and the front grille of mine. Seeing as I was sleeping while he was working in the hot sun, I can only be grateful that he helped me out with my car at all. It looks great, after all.

Anyway, after eventually waking up and spending the late afternoon shopping with my friend Molly, I had all day Sunday to work on my cake for Pauline’s birthday.  My mom gave me a set of mini cake pans (for miniature filled cakes) of  ago that I haven’t used yet.  Because it was going to be just me, Sam, and Pauline for her birthday dinner, I figured it was the best time to try out a mini cake.

I tried a new frosting for the carrot cake base – cinnamon cream cheese. Unfortunately, it turned out to be more of a glaze than a frosting – meaning that it kinda slid off of the cake once frosted. Luckily, I had a back-up cake to try again. This time I used my cream cheese/whipped cream frosting recipe, with a mocha flavor added for fun. It tasted like a caffeine-free frappuccino exploded on the top of my cake.  As a decoration, I made a silhouette of a hibiscus flower. What do you think?

I also had enough batter to make dozen cupcakes (topped with a cinnamon cream cheese glaze and a mocha-flavored star) in addition to my two mini cakes.  The didn’t turn out too badly, actually.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and Birthday Cakes

  1. yum…save a taste for me….I wish I could have seen what it looked like cut…hmmm, would it work with ice cream inside?

  2. I think it would definitely work with ice cream. I filled it with the glaze as well and after it was cut at work, people wanted to know who was dumb enough to leave out the ice cream cake to melt. LOL.

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