Easter – A week late

Obviously, I am incapable of posting something every day. Epic Fail. In fact, I still haven’t posted about my Easter weekend (which was last weekend). I believe I promised photos of me in a dress as well as my second batch of cupcakes. As for the dress, once paired with an Easter hat made by Kayla and Becca, I was absolutely stunning. Could be the brightness of the sun all around me as we were outside, but I choose to believe that I was beautiful.  Off topic, for my cupcakes, I decided to go pink (raspberry flavor) and purple (blueberry favor), topped with sugar crystals and jelly beans. DELICIOUS, my friends, simply DELICIOUS.  The cake batter was sugar-free, and the frosting was a combination of fat-free cream cheese and a very fatty heavy whipping cream.  For all you math majors out there, that means they were low-sugar and low-fat since the sugar-free batter and fat-free cream cheese cancel out the other fatty options. Ain’t math grand?

Here is Molly, me, and Michelle in our Easter finest. Aren’t we beautiful?

In between eating gourmet burgers, drinking homemade sangria, and catching some much-needed sun, we managed to shovel some of these beauties into our faces as well.

Here’s what they looked like, pre-frosting. I’m in love with these wrappers and will be buying more tall ones just like them.


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