Operation Procrastination: Complete

So, I wasn’t able to gear myself up to making my first “daft” wedding cake as it were. But I did go to the annual Art Fest in Stuart and buy a new phone on Saturday.  The Art Fest was fun since I got in some quality girl time with my best friends, but art-wise, it was a bust. I went with the intention of buying myself a birthday present, and left with my money burning  a hole in my pocket.  So, naturally I went to the AT&T store and upgraded my iPhone to an Android Captivate. I’ve not been in love with many pieces of electronic equipment – only my Kindle…and now my new phone. I like the available apps better than those available for free on iTunes as well as the user-friendliness of the screens. I especially like the back button; I don’t continually have to go to the home screen to find something again.

I did do something productive baking-wise, though. I purchased a wedding dress-shaped cookie cutter and a gumpaste/fondant flower and leaf making kit. When I get them in the mail, I’ll have all the tools I need to create a wedding day masterpiece. Crap.

On a completely different topic, it’s spring and my birthday is on Friday – it’s a great time of the year for me. Beautiful weather – warm/hot with little humidity still and presents with my name on them. It’s hard to get any better than that, truthfully. I wouldn’t consider myself materialistic – I don’t care about labels or brand names – but I do LOVE getting presents.


One thought on “Operation Procrastination: Complete

  1. Thanks for the phone info. Derrick desperately wants an iPhone (I think $200 is a bit much). I was wondering what else was out there.
    Happy birthday tomorrow!

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