The Weekend is Here…errr, Near!

Happy Friday! It’s that time of the week already…goes by quick when I only started back at work on Wednesday from my vacation.  I’m sure everyone’s aware of how difficult it is to go back to the office after nearly 2 weeks away. I’m definitely ready to be a stay-at-home person. Maybe I will be a famous(ish) smut writer, win the lottery, or sell enough cake plates that I can stay at home and work in my pajamas (okay, my yoga pants, not my pajamas).  Someday, I will write a novel with a cover that grabs attention – like this classic.

Sam and I have a date night planned for after work tonight – dinner at the local St. Patrick’s Day festival followed by a movie (if we decide to make the time). The weather has cooled down considerably from just last week, so it should be just chilly enough tonight to make the festival a comfortable walking experience. If you’ve ever tried to attend an outdoor function in south Florida, you know exactly what I mean. Sometimes the humidity in the air is so thick that it hurts to breath. It’s like the air is so heavy and laden with water that our lungs reject what we’re breathing in. Fun times, my friends, fun times.

Tomorrow, I’ve volunteered to take my friend’s kids to the movies. They are adorable little girls, ages 6 and 8. I enjoy spending time with them and how else can I explain having seen Ringo or Mars Needs Moms? I was pulling for Mars Needs Moms and Sam was voting for Ringo.  I let the girls decide and by a twist of fate and sleight of hand (they rock-paper-scissor-ed it), I’ll be posting a review of Ringo sometime this weekend.  I’m not normally a fan of western movies and I don’t think adding a swaggering, talking lizard is going to do much for the genre. But, I may be surprised. I ended up liking the recent remake of  True Grit.

Before I pick up the girls for out “date,” I’m planning on getting my nails done tomorrow morning. I’m a nervous picker and for some reason, I’ve ruined my thumbs in just the 3 days I’ve been back in the office – and I’m not even stressed about deadlines or other due dates! I’ve found that when I have fake nails (French tip, naturally) not only do my nails look great, but I have an extremely difficult time biting or picking at my fingers. My nails are thinned out and ruined for a bit after the acrylic or gel is removed, but it’s well worth it for me to break the habit of jamming my fingers in my mouth or picking at the cuticles when I’m nervous or bored. I’ll take any other suggestions as well!

As of today, I’m planning on spending my Sunday cleaning and spending time with my animals. Lucky is finally healed and has been going stir crazy for about a week at this point. Maybe I can talk Sam into taking the dogs to the park this weekend so they can run around. Bear hasn’t been getting his usual exercise right now either because Lucky quite literally flips her lid if she hears Bear go out back, followed by the familiar ear-splitting music of the hundreds of squeaky balls and bones littering my back yard. Okay, there aren’t millions. But there are no less than eight different squeaky toys in addition to tennis balls, chew sticks, Frisbees, and other various toys.

My yard and home both need a solid cleaning and organizing.  We’ll see on Monday if my house still needs help or if I gave in and admitted I’m no longer on vacation and that I have chores that need to be done.

OR I’ll get starting working on my practice cakes for my sister’s wedding. What do you think of this example one I found online a while ago?


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