Vacation Officially Over

I know it’s been a long time since my last post, but I’ve been on vacation. And I do mean a real vacation, not a long weekend doing laundry or some other chore (like those I had to catch up on today).  I was invited to join Sam’s family on their (mostly) annual trip to Sun Valley, Idaho for a week of skiing fun. It was fun – though extremely cold our first night there.

If you don’t know me, one of the first thing (after my amazing smile, that is) that people notice is typically my coordination – or lack thereof.  I constantly have bruises from bumping into things, such as walls when going around corners and doorknobs when entering/leaving a room.  You know, the usual.

So, the idea of attaching thin slats of wood to my feet and essentially throwing myself down a mountain covered in icy snow seemed a little (okay, a lot) scary.  Luckily for me, Geoff (Sam’s dad) was a ski instructor for many years and offered his services.

Geoff has a friend who lives in Idaho and has a vacation home in Sun Valley that he allows Geoff to use for a couple weeks a year.  This year, Sam and I went with his parents and his brother, Ben, and his wife, Heather.  The “cottage” was definitely large enough for this six of us – plus a few more had there been more people able to get off work and go.

I spent only about an hour to an hour and a half on the “kiddie” slope before Geoff decided that I was ready to go up the chair lift and come on down under my own steam. Boy, was he wrong! I made it up on the chair lift without falling off and to my death or slipping when getting off chair and possibly harming those people in the chair behind me. However, starting the downward adventure wasn’t as easy as it seemed on the kiddie hill.  Actually, the whole first part of my way downhill consisted of Geoff bent over, skiing background, with a firm grip on the tips of my skis.  Oddly enough, it worked and I made it down the mountain my first time with no damage to my body, equipment, or borrowed ski gear (thanks Mel, Leanne, and Allison!!).

We had cable, eventually, but only one station came through and we didn’t get very good cell phone reception, if at all.  Do you know what this means?  Reading, conversation, and napping dominated our time off the mountain. It was a wonderful vacation away from work and chores. I’m almost ready to get back to my real life…almost.


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