Lottery Hopes

The lottery (mega balls or something like that) is up to over $120 million. Sigh. What I could do with that much money…

Well, I guess the better question is what couldn’t I do?? Let’s say, for argument’s sake that we clear $80 of that $120. That means that Sam and I each get $40 million after taxes. That’s a lot of money to play with. I would sell my home, with complete disregard for the $8,000 I’d owe the government for not staying for the required 3 years I agreed to when I got the $8,000 tax credit last year. What’s a mere $8,000 out of $40 million? Chump change, that’s what.

After I’m homeless, I’m not sure exactly what my next step would be. Well, apart from quitting my job, naturally.  I’d definitely quit. I’m sure I’d eventually have to look for a new one (or try to do something on my own) eventually since doing nothing would inevitably bore me within a year or two. But, man, what an amazing year that would be. Top of my list? Visit each and every continent. I think I might skip Egypt right now, as much I do someday want to see the pyramids.

Maybe I’d try my hand at writing about what it’s really like to win the lottery and go from a 9-5 job to 24/7 life o’ freedom.  With some travel blogging and pictures thrown in a little variety.

I plan on building my dream car. I want to take the look of an old Ford/Chevy (don’t really care which) from the mid-1950s and install all the technological advancements of today.  I’d have the coolest car on the streets, that’s for damn sure.  Powder pink and gray, I think. Maybe a pale sunshine yellow and white – something head turning, whatever color I choose.

After traveling, I plan on settling down, either in the New England area or the Portland, Oregon area.  I’m aware that they couldn’t be further apart of different, but each is beautiful in its own way.  And, I’d get to experience all four seasons instead of the two I experience now – summer and hurricane season.

For me, it’s not about the stuff that I would be able to by (though you better believe my house would be AMAZING), it’s about the freedom to choose where and how I get to spend my time. Okay, it’s a little bit about the stuff.  I mean, can you just imagine this beautiful bauble on my hand…

…while I’m lounging in my humble abode (a.k.a. my vacation home off Miami beach so I can “winter” in style)?

Man, do I need to win the lottery. And if I do, you’re invited to one of my many house-warming parties. Just let me know which of my future homes works best for you.


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