Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I hear congratulations are in order! We’ve all managed to get through another commercial holiday with little to no damage. I stopped after work at a bar with some friends who had invited me to share in their holiday, Singles Awareness Day. Simply put, we acknowledge that they are, in fact, still single and we drink to it. I had a great time and hope we do it again, soon. I got to know some new co-workers that I typically don’t cross paths with on a regular basis and they’re great girls.

Then, I came home to Sam cooking dinner – Shrimp alfredo (with some sausage thrown in for deliciousness). Not a plate full of healthy roasted veggies (which we need to start eating on a more regular basis), but ohhhh so delicious.  Luckily, I was able to twist his arm into agreeing to eating the leftovers for lunch tomorrow to save me from myself.  I’ll be having my usual….a boring turkey sandwich, sans dressing (mostly because the bread would be soggy by lunchtime) and a string cheese stick.

Oh, and he was sweet enough to pick up a small present, too. He gave me a nightgown that I’ve been asking for. Although those who know me would swear up and down that I have midget legs, I am in all actuality a full-sized adult, so big t-shirts are just not long enough to sleep in if I don’t want to wear pants (or shorts), and in South Florida, I prefer to sleep pants-less most nights if I can swing it.  But, it’s hard to find a pair early in the morning after literally rolling out to bed to take the dogs out. So, a long nightgown is in order.  Did you know how hard it is to find a pretty nightgown without looking like a grandmother or like someone more interested in getting lucky than some ZZZZs? Sam did a great job….I look like a virginal 15-year-old from the 1960s. I like it.  Plus, it’s super comfortable and as I sit here in it at only 9:30, I’m very much ready to go to bed and try it out. Maybe my dreams will be sweeter…

Happy Valentine’s Day, whether you have someone to share it with or not. As far as I can tell, you’re supposed to love yourself like no one else can and maybe that’s all you should need on a holiday that celebrates love and friendship. Love and, maybe more importantly, like yourself.  Because, really, you’ll never be free of yourself. You might as well enjoy the company.


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