Kindle Pandemonium

This week Sam and I were invited by his parents to go with them (and Sam’s brother and his wife) to Sun Valley, Idaho for a week o’ fun and skiing at the end of February through early March.  We had everything lined up (including free dog sitting services) and were ready to go. I started sweater shopping on Friday. Why was I not aware of J.C. Penny’s $2.97 clearance rack??? I found a $30-cute sweater for less than $3.00. It was a good night.

However, since I still don’t have a ski jacket or pants, I don’t know how likely it is that I’ll actually ski on this ski trip.  I haven’t completely convinced myself that a couple days of throwing myself down a hill (and eventually mountain) is worth the $200+ it would cost for the proper gear that I might conceivably not use again for a very long time.  On the positive side, Pauline (Sam’s mom) doesn’t ski, so she and I can shop, relax, and generally keep each other company while the others are freezing their collective assess off.

In preparation for our upcoming vacation, I bought myself a Kindle.  My dad got one for Christmas from my mom this year and absolutely loves it. Everyone I’ve talked to that has one absolutely loves it.  I did some very brief research comparing the e-readers on the market, and the Kindle is still the most preferred for reading. The Nook (color) is a better option for those who like to read magazines. While I do look forward to getting my magazines in the mail, I’m a book lover at heart.  I’ve been against electronic books since they were first introduced a couple years ago, but for a week away in a cold-weather climate with others potentially doing things without me, I knew I’d be reading. And, since I’m a fast reader, I could need to have up to 15 books with me. That’s a lot of weight if I have to pay for a checked bag. The only feasible choice, because let’s face it, not reading is not an option, was to get a device that carries all my books at once.

Long story longer…I LOVE MY KINDLE.  I have about 400 books on it so far and have read 3.5 just this weekend.  It’s handy and I can easily move from book to book if I want.

I’ll always have a full bookshelf and enjoy holding a paper copy in my hands, but having thousands of books – of all different genres – at the touch of my fingertips is pretty damn amazing.


One thought on “Kindle Pandemonium

  1. You read at a freakish pace! I’ve been cautiously looking at a Kindle too, cuz obviously that’s a sensitive area for the newspaper industry. Some are actually on Kindle. I haven’t heard anything bad about them either.

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