Birthday cupcakes and puppy cuts

Yesterday was a close friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday Michelle!) and tomorrow is a co-worker’s birthday.  Why is this important, one might ask?  Well, I’m kind of the Cupcake Queen around these parts. No, really, I am. I actually get excited when I give people baked goods and make them listen to the ingredients that make them special. I think my friends just nod along until I hand over the fancy sugar.  Because I had two birthdays to bake for and the fact that I am not a professional baker, I decided to simply split the batch.  Michelle got 12 beautiful cupcakes, and Virginia will get 12 just a beautiful cupcakes (with a few minis – because it’s for the office).

Here are my un-frosted carrot cake cupcakes.  I threw in some cinnamon today and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes cinnamon or spice cakes.

While I do admit to doctoring cake mixes for my batter (why re-invent the wheel for a few cupcakes?), I do like to make my frosting from scratch.  This is what the frosting looks like with only about half the required powdered sugar.

When the frosting was just right, I added a little bit to each naked cake. I usually make regular-sized cupcakes and mini ones, too. The minis are just so cute! This is a mini one. Unfortunately, I don’t have too many to take to work because once I put them in the Tupperware for travel, the frosting smeared and stuck to the lid (only the minis were harmed in battle, thank god).

This is what my regular-sized one look like.  My sister and I like to send each other packages in the mail so that we do, in fact, receive things other than bills via regular snail mail. This week, I got different flavorings in my package.  For my co-worker’s cupcakes, I used plain 0ld cream cheese frosting (though still quite delicious).  For Michelle’s cupcakes, I added a little bit of the pink raspberry flavoring from Randi. I added gold glitter sprinkles (also for Randi) to both sets.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the cupcakes topped with dusty rose frosting, just the white.

Completely off topic, Lucky went to the groomers for the first time today, and she looks great.  Hopefully, this will cut down on the shedding as well.


3 thoughts on “Birthday cupcakes and puppy cuts

  1. That’s cool you do the little ones. I have a co-worker who brings a big cake for everyone’s birthday, which sucks if you don’t want a huge cake piece.

  2. Everyone at work seems to appreciate the little ones, too. Those who don’t normally eat them will take one, and those who do typically take a regular-sized one will take two or three minis – they’re calorie!

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