True Love … On a Schedule?

For Christmas, I got Sam (and myself, of course) a subscription to Netflix. Yesterday, I spent the day recovering from another awful sinus headache. So, rather than read (which hurt), go to the gym (which would hurt), or clean (I’m lazy), I decided to spend the day on my couch watching movie after movie.  I started with “New York, I Love You” (which I was not a big fan of), moved onto “The Proposal” (which I absolutely loved – for the second time), then to “You’re so Cupid” (which was about a set of high-school aged fraternal twins in love with the same boy – and unsurprising, not that great), then to “According to Greta” (with Hilary Duff, which I didn’t finish because it was awful. Lastly, I conned Sam into watching “Timer” with me. This movie, I’m still thinking about a day later.

The premise of the film takes the idea of online dating a step further. When people reach the age of 14, they can choose to be implanted with a timer that counts down to the day when they will encounter their soul mate, the “one.” The storyline follows one family: two sisters turning 30 – one whose timer has yet to turn on, meaning her “one” isn’t transplanted, and the other whose timer is counting down 5,000+ days until they meet.  It also follows their younger brother who gets implanted at 14 – who meets his “one” just 3 days later.  It was a slow-paced independent film, but it did make me consider the possibility – would I want to know how long until I meet my “one” even if I might have to wait until I was 60 before we crossed paths? Would I give up dating and looking for love because the point would be moot? Would Sam and I get the timers to prove we were meant to be?

Ultimately, I don’t think I would trust a timer to tell me when my love was done. I think I choose to wing it without a technological aid.  How Amish of me…


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