Adventures in…Sewing?

I asked for and received a sewing machine for Christmas this year. Part of my quest for self discovery and/or my passion is to start sewing things for my home (so that I can afford to continue decorating).  I figured the easiest thing to start with would be a large square of some sort, even better a large square that would be useful but not so in-your-face as a placemat.  What better than a dog bed? Not much as far as I can tell.  I sewed a cover last weekend for our original dog bed that Bear (the large one) decided to eat out of boredom.  It turned out so well that the dogs spent two days fighting over who got to lay on it. In all reality, they were probably fighting over having access to a soft bed rather than the awesome sewing job.  Either way, I was kindly requested by Sam to sew/make another bed. After shopping around longer than I should have, I found a cute fabric that I was willing to spend my hard-earned cash on.

Bear enjoying the newly made bed – stuffed with the filling he really loved eating when chewing his old bed that is now unfixable.

This is the holy terror Lucky, keeping Bear at bay from the first pillow when there was only one.

Both puppies just looking cute…


One thought on “Adventures in…Sewing?

  1. cute fabric, pillow looks great. Do you think Holy Terror might be a better name than Lucky….then again, she’s “Lucky” someone hasn’t gotten rid of her yet… 🙂

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