Birthday Cake: Fail

I think I mentioned that I decided to take up baking.  Did I happen to mention that I actually took a 4 week class through the local Jo-Anne Fabrics only a few short months ago and now my sister who is planning her wedding for this October has asked me to make her a cake? How could I say no? This means a lot of cake baking and practicing until the big day…9 months and counting!

I decided that a birthday cake for a friend/co-worker would not only be a nice gesture (and totally count as her present) but a practical way to hone my skills, such as they are.  Well, I had planned on trying an easy version of Randi’s wedding cake (fondant with birds of some sort), but a request was put in for a cake in the shape of the number “40.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t get home from work until almost 7:00 and had to make the cake and decorate it before bed.  I got it done in just under 3 hours…but it wasn’t pretty. The buttercream frosting got as warm as I did and began to actually slide down the cake – on top of my still not being able to correctly frost a cake without getting crumbs in the frosting. So, in order to cover up the black crumbs in my white frosting, I had to add LOTS o’ pink and green.

This cake looked much different than the cake I made a couple weeks ago for my mom’s birthday.  For this one, I made a marshmallow fondant from scratch and tried a few new techniques.  I definitely need to keep practicing…though it is infinitely better than the pink and green “40th” cake!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Cake: Fail

  1. Your “40” is interesting….and I bet it tasted wonderful! I bet Michelangelo painted more than a couple pictures before he did the Sistine Chapel…true artists develop over time…keep up the good work..looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Great idea, babe! I hope this project will be a good outlet for you. Just remember not to be too critical of your wonderful boyfriend on this public forum! Love You!

  3. Hey Robyn! Your blog is really cute! Keep it up and I’ll keep reading it. My goal this year was to start one. I have been following a friend’s blog for years – makes me think differently about them.
    p.s. I like your cake, which would make more sense in this reply, huh?

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