Dear Technological Diary,

For my New Year’s resolution this year, I resolved to focus more on me rather than make a public promise to myself that I would break by Week 2.  I figured that it shouldn’t be too hard to focus me since I’m not married and don’t have any children.  It’s never that easy, though.  As a non-Christmas, Christmas gift, my parents brought me a puppy…to keep the puppy I got last Christmas from my boyfriend company.  That’s right, my puppy has a puppy.  I just wish he’d spend more time working on training her.  Having two dogs – two dogs that my live-in boyfriend would rather we didn’t have – definitely puts a crimp in all of my grandiose plans to “better” myself.  What else do I plan on doing for a Robyn 2.0, you ask? Well, the list includes baking, decorating my home, writing and publishing a novel (because in my head, I’m just that good), sewing things for my home and body, etc.  Oh, and the ever-present desire to lose weight by (sadly) working out and eating healthy. This blog is going to document my projects, attempts, successes, and failures. I hope you’re ready for what will hopefully be a busy year!


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